Center for Aerosol Advancement

Lab technician setting up aerosol device for testing.The Center for Aerosol Advancement (CAA) is a multi-disciplinary institute that focuses on improving knowledge of aerosol drug delivery and advancing aerosol technology.  The CAA works collaboratively with researchers, government officials, and industrial/clinical partners to develop innovative aerosol research and technologies for various purposes, including:

  • respiratory drug delivery
  • dosimetry for aerosol medicine
  • particle size measurement
  • field medicine applications
  • airborne disease risk management
  • product development
  • product testing

In addition to research, the CAA also provides a variety of educational resources, including continuing education, training, and special presentations.  The CAA is committed to providing rigorous and objective information to professionals, students, and the public to improve aerosol drug delivery.


Mission Statement

The Center for Aerosol Advancement (CAA) brings together the diverse research community in the basic sciences, medical, and engineering disciplines to promote and advance the science of aerosols.  The CAA is committed to leadership in its research and the community in applying research advances that benefit society.